• mortgage specialist Calgary

    Wise Mortgage has recently, and in a timely manner, secured for me a mortgage at a rate that I thought was unattainable, and with a large reputable company that I was unaware of. Their professional manner and attention to details are impeccable. Their openness and honesty in his business performance ensures that one is always getting the best of their vast experience in assisting anyone with their current situation.

    My personal opinion of their help in respect to their ability to secure a great mortgage for me is fantastic. I would whole-heartedly and without any reservations, endorse their abilities to anyone else who is seeking their professional assistance. I personally will be using their and only their, assistance again in the future, as occasion requires.

    Very well done Wise Mortgage!

    Ken Bourne

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    I found out that I was about to lose my home in Edmonton.

    I phoned my sister Shelley Loewer and told her my situation. She recommended Wise Mortgage.

    I contacted Wise Mortgage and found them very able and helpful. They quickly checked my options and helped me locate a lender so that I was able to keep my home and a good credit rating as well.

    I can recommend them as a financial advisor and a mortgage consultant.

    Melody Calhoon Williams

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    My wife and I have used Wise Mortgage as our mortgage brokerage for the purchase of our home. We have been very pleased with the way he acted on our behalf. He took time to explain the process in a manner that was easy for us to understand. They answered all our questions promptly and accurately. My wife and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a mortgage. Wise Mortgage is very personable and good at what they do. They made a potentially stressful situation pleasurable.

    Brad Gullop

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    I am a Financial Advisor with one of the major banks here in Canada. I was happy to use Wise Mortgage as my mortgage brokerage. I knew which product I wanted, and at what rate.

    Mortgages require personal information, which I did not want to share with my direct supervisor at the time.

    Wise Mortgage was professional, quick, efficient and most importantly friendly and approachable. Most mortgages have a setting period were little adjustments are required and my new mortgage was no different. Wise Mortgage was helpful after the mortgage had closed in clearing up these little glitches on the lenders end.

    I would have no issue with recommending Wise Mortgage as an exceptional Mortgage Brokerage.

    David Sherlock

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    We would like to extend our deepest and most sincere gratitude to Wise Mortgage and the services rendered for refinancing our mortgage.

    Superlatives are the least we can express like phenomenal, outstanding and going the extra mile. 

    One more time a big "Thank You!!!" from the Kleiner family and crew @ Zion's College.

    Robert Kleiner

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    In the year 2006, my wife and I were looking to buy our first home. Our brother and sister in law had recommended we speak with Wise Mortgage. As we began the daunting task of home buying, our first step was to sit down with them to work out the details of the mortgage. They gave us some simple strategies that helped us gain significant ground in our home over the past few years. 

    They had pointed out that going to a bi-weekly payment plan instead of paying our mortgage once a month we would save approximately $37,000 in interest and reduce our mortgage from 25 to 21 years. On the drive home, I must have said "thirty seven thousand dollars!" thirty seven thousand times. 

    As first time home buyers this was very shocking to us. They had also informed us that in the first 5-10 years the majority of our mortgage payments would be going toward paying off interest and we should look at our mortgage like an RRSP. The first two years we owned our home we built a garage and deck. The third year my wife Kim and I started making extra payments toward the mortgage, just $100.00 every two weeks. 

    I recently sat down with Wise Mortgage to talk about renegotiating our mortgage at the five year point. They had informed us that at the rate we were going we should be mortgage free in approximately 12-14 years. Once again, this was very shocking to us, we didn't realize that by following Wise Mortgage's advice to pay bi-weekly and make extra payments in the first five years of our mortgage that it would have such a significant impact on whittling away what seemed an insurrmountable debt load. 

    We are very appreciative of the advice and information Wise Mortgage has provided us with and hope to continue on the fast track to paying off our house and being mortgage free.

    Steve and Kim Radlowski, 2011

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    We have used Wise Mortgage to set up mortgage on our recent house purchase. Ken helped me to navigate through different Mortgage options and chose the right one. We determined right mix of mortgage and line of credit and Ken help me to set it up correctly from the beginning. I was surprise how many different lenders I could choose from, he has access to main lenders on the market and was able to work out very favorable rate as well.

    It was pleasant experience to work with him throughout the whole process. He is very knowledgeable about mortgages and diligent with all the required paperwork.

    Thank you Ken

    Miro Cabaj 2013

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    I purchased my first home rather unexpectedly and quickly, and Dave was there with me every step of the way. He jumped in to help right from the moment I first called him, and provided excellent guidance throughout the whole process. He is professional, honest, and cares about his clients. I will definitely be calling Dave again when my mortgage is up for renewal. To me, he's the superhero of mortgage brokers!

    Nadine MacMillan

  • mortgage specialist Calgary

    I would recommend Dave Wolsey to anyone seeking first class professional mortgage services. My experience with Dave is that he cares about both the people and the product, is timely in responding to inquiries, and will otherwise go above and beyond to help meet your needs. Will definitely work him with again!

    Peter Miller